Sunday, November 22, 2009

Reflux, Bibs and Spew Cloths

I have the messiest baby. Whatever I put in her, alot of it comes back up. I have decided that since I constantly have to have a cloth of some sort within arms reach they may as well look pretty. Plus, if friends are giving her a cuddle its nice to be able to give them something cute to hold as well as my bub! rather than a dirty old stained bib. I found this tutorial and adapted it slightly to make the burp cloths. I cut the cloth nappies into quarters so they are a more manageable size. I also used old bunny rugs from the op shop to make them look pretty. Im also working on some small dribble bibs. I don't want bibs that will fall over her face or get in the way of her hands. I just traced a bib, altered it so it didn't hang as low, cut out two pieces of material from scraps in my stash and sewed them together, turned it out and top stitched around the edge. I have put ribbon on them as a temporary solution until I can buy some hook and loop.