Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sewing Barbie Clothes

We have recently gone a bit Barbie crazy at our place. Chloe received lots of Barbies and a (surprisingly) big doll house for her 4th birthday. I found the doll house at Big W on sale for $90 reduced from $200 so I thought 'Bargain!!'. I didnt realise how big it was though until Ben started putting it together. It is massive! I do love it though. It has an old style cottage feel to it and has older style furniture, even a swing. One of the things I love about Barbies is that it provides opportunities for creative play....for me! lol. So today I got out the material scraps and started sewing. I made a pattern for a dress by measuring barbie and looking at the clothes she already has to see how they did it. The first dress I made took an hour and a half. I gave that one away to one of Chloes friends who also likes Barbies when I picked Chloe up from a play date. I then made another one exactly the same and it took about twenty minutes but didn't fit as well as the first one had. I made a couple of alterations to the pattern and made another one, the one in the picture and Im really pleased with it. Next time Im going to decorate it a bit more with some ribbon, buttons or ric rac.


  1. Well you have done it now, she knows you can make Barbie clothes, it will never stop ;-) as everyone knows Barbie needs lots of clothes!

    Chloe looks very happy. Why the baby gate? To keep you big guys out maybe ;-)