Monday, January 10, 2011

The secret is out!

Well, the worlds worst kept secret that is! Yes, if you haven't already guessed or been told, Im pregnant with baby number three! Am I excited? Yes. Was I initially? Quite honestly, no. It was a shock, a bit of a surprise. Now, however, I am so excited about this growing bump and seeing what we have created. The excitement this time has built slowly over the past couple of months as I came to terms with life taking an unexpected turn. As the logistics have fallen into place and I have realised we will cope in all ways and that we are good parents with two wonderful children already, I have been able to daydream about this little one, the newborn cuddles I get to have and the joy of watching a little bub grow into a little person. Will it be hard work? YES! Will it always be enjoyable? Probably not even half of it, but it is still going to be wonderful in its own way.

I am under no pretence about what lies ahead, I have resigned myself to the fact I am very likely to be housebound for most of this year which is my idea of torture, but after taking my current two little ones out today to the doctors, chemist and bakery for a coffee, I can definitly say that wasn't much fun either! In the middle of it all though there is always funny, adorable or memorable moments that make you smile. Like Chloe practicing her Ballet at the doctors as she always does and then Elyssa joining in, following her around the office trying to kick her leg in the air and do twirls. I also ran into a friend who has three little ones. I watched her cross the road and thought well, she still gets out. Then I stopped her for a chat and told her just that and she laughed and said it is very rare for her to take all three out, she avoids it as much as possible! She did give me a tip though, get a good double pram and keep them strapped in no matter what! Give them food, toys, everything IN the pram. A good tip.

So yes, this year will be tough...but then I think it will start to very slowly get easier...Chloe starts school next year so I will be back to just the two at home and the baby will be 6 months this time next year. Ben has started to show he is excited too, we are already arguing about the babies name. He has also come to terms with the fact that we are both going to have to give up our sewing/computer room as we will need another bedroom.

Then there is the wonder. Will it be a boy or a girl? My guess is a girl, although this pregnancy couldn't be more different that my previous ones. I have had a little bit of morning sickness but nothing like last time. I am tired but not overly, last time I could barely get off the couch. This time my morning sickness starts at mid day through to dinner, unlike the last two times when it was all day. I haven't had any migraines this time and my heart hasn't done anything wierd like last time. In fact it has been quite easy to forget Im even pregnant, other than the gigantic belly that appeared very early on, before I even realised I was pregnant! I have been in maternity clothes for a month and Im only 14 weeks!

So after the initial shock our excitment is gaining momentum, helped along by the ultrasound I had last week which was just amazing! Tiny little hands and tiny little feet. The bub moved around so much I was there for two hours while the sonographer did her best to get the measurements she needed. The little monkey kept standing on its head. The best part? Chloes excitment and love of the baby. She thought the little jelly bean on the screen was 'beautiful!' and she keeps asking me little questions about it like how it eats and if it swims around my body. She calls it a jelly bean and keeps asking to see my belly.

My biggest worry is how Elyssa is going to cope. She is very attached to me and sits with me for alot of the day giving me cuddles. She is only going to be 21 months when the baby comes so still a baby herself really. It is also leading into a difficult age, the beginning of the terrible twos then the ferral threes. Im trying not to think to much about it though, it will all work itself out.

I also worry about what personality this bub is going to have! We love both our girls equally but Elyssa is really easy going most of the time and Chloe well....isn't. She is full of life though and very entertaining but just not the easiest child to parent. She is also a shocking sleeper where as Elyssa is a brilliant sleeper. Sleep is very important to my ability to remain a rational parent! I suspect Elyssa is a one off though so Im not holding my breath that we will get another one like her!

So will it be a boy or girl? Quite honestly Im not overly fussed and neither is Ben. If its a girl we have about triple what we need. If its a boy, its a new adventure!