Sunday, August 5, 2012

Amelia turns one!

This past twelve months with Amelia has gone by so quickly. The tiny little bub I held in my arms has changed so much. Babyhood truelly goes by in such a flash. I now look at my little girl and see the changes beginning to take place as she becomes a toddler. She isn't walking yet although I believe she could if she had the courage. Im in no hurry though, life is busy enough chasing two kids without another one getting away from me.

 This time around I have evolved again as a mother. I am still breast feeding Amelia, the longest I have ever fed. I also carry Amelia alot more than I did with the other two. Again this has just naturally evolved out of necessity. This time around I purchased a didymos wrap and have worn her on my front as a natural part of the day when out and about. I just purchased an Ergo and have started wearing her on my back. Wearing her is so important because her sisters need my constant attention to keep them safe and feeling loved. I might not be able to give my full attention to Amelia alot of the time but she is content as she is getting cuddled. She also gets to watch her sisters at play from a safe place.

 I love watching the special relationships she is developing with her sisters. Chloe adores her, carrys her constantly and is always looking out for her. In return Amelia loves her, seeks her out when she is upset or if she wants something. The relationship between Elyssa and Amelia is different again. They are slowly becoming playmates. It's fun watching Elyssa try and find ways to play with Amelia. She currently likes crawling around the floor, trying to get Amelia to chase her.

 Ben and I are alot more relaxed this time too. Amelia sleeps half the night in her cot which is next to our bed, then usually wakes around eleven and cries which is my cue to come to bed. She then says 'hello' her most used word, has a feed and wriggles into my arms for a cuddle. After a while she usually wriggles across the Bed so she is sleeping between our pillows. Sometimes during the night she wriggles back over to me for more cuddles. She is an easy going child but when something upsets her or if she wants something she will let you know very loudly. I adore my tiny little Amelia. At thirteen months she is only 8.1kg and 73cm long. I look forward to watching her grow and change over the next twelve months.

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