Friday, March 12, 2010

Another Pop-over Reversible Pinafore

I love this pinafore E-Pattern. The pink ladybug one I made Chloe gets worn twice a week. One day I face it one way, the next day I reverse it! On hot days she wears it with shorts and nothing underneath, on cooler days she wears it with jeans or cords with a top under it.

Today I made another one out of cord and Im sure it will get just as much use! It is a bit heavier so will be used more in cooler weather rather than warmer weather. I love it because I put in a bit of effort and added appliqued flowers to one side. I love the floral print on the reversed side as well. The material on the appliqued side came from my mother in laws stash and is probably ten or twenty years old!

This time I made the pinafore in a size 4 because the pink pinafore could have been a tiny bit bigger. The floral print side would probably look the nicest with a pair of pink or white plain leggings with a matching top to go underneath because it is pretty 'busy'. The appliqued side could be worn with cord, jeans or leggings. Pinafores are perfect for Chloes busy life, particularly Kinder and Daycare. I might make one more pinafore for her as well, not that she needs it but they are sooo easy to make. It took less than 30 minutes to sew todays pinafore (I had already cut it out and done the applique though) and I have ALOT of cord material to use up. I need to make her some more pants too.....


  1. Beautiful!!!! Have you made any for Elyssa? I can just see it with a matching pair of bloomers - too cute!

  2. I haven't made anything for Elyssa yet because she already has soooo many clothes from when her big sister was a baby. Im going to make her some leggings though...and maybe a pinny too!