Tuesday, March 2, 2010

hmmm...March Challenge - a Softie

Im thinking about some ideas for this challenge. I could make my girls a doll or animal but the thought doesn't really inspire me, probably because the amount of softies we have is just crazy and Im not sure they would appreciate one because of the amount of toys they have. Then I remembered seeing a tutorial earlier this year about easter eggs. Im thinking I might sew them some for Easter. I might make a few for each of them, sew a basket as well, and put little bells inside the eggs. I might sew a small chicken for each of them as well and put it in the basket. See, all I needed to do was blog about it and it would all become clear! I might get started today, Im having a catch up on the washing day so this is a simple project (hopefully) that I can stop and start.

I was just looking at the flicker group for this tutorial and saw that someone filled the eggs with rice for their kids. I might borrow this idea and do one with rice, one with a bell, one with just the usual soft fill and one with some crinkly plastic in it. I might use different textured material for Elyssas as well. This is going to be fun!

After typing the above I have kept searching and I have found a tutorial for an Easter basket that Ill make for the eggs to go in and Im going to follow this tutorial for a love bird but change it a little to be more of a chicken. I might put a little chocolate easter egg in the pocket instead of a heart.
I love a new project!!


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  1. Brilliant! Looking forward to seeing your finished products.