Thursday, March 18, 2010

Goodbye Little Car....

To My Dear Getz,

The time has come for us to part ways, life has moved on and our family has grown and we no longer fit in you comfortably. You were never meant to be a family were my 'just finished uni and just got a job so Im going to treat myself'car. I loved your beautiful greeny blue colour, the way the seats sat so high up, the way your lovely split back seats folded right up and you became a tiny little wagon...

We have had so many adventures together, like the time Ben moved up to Batemans Bay for work, but then the job fell through and together, little car, you and I drove like knights in shining armour to rescue him. Our first ever adventure together was driving to Adelaide to visit Bens family about three days after I got you.

I can never forget your most impressive moments. It had to be the year I did family day care. You helped me squeeze those four children in safely and carried us from one point to another on our daily outings to parks and playgroups. We would put on the Wiggles 'big red car' song and change the words to 'little blue car'. The kids would shout this out so that we would over ride the CD.

You carried both my babies home from hospital safely and for this I will always be ever so greatful. You are the car that everybody knew because of your bright colour. Kids I taught would recognise me as I drove around Geelong and more recently you have become know as the car that belongs to the lady with the two kids that lives in the old squash court, how does she manage those stairs with two little ones?

Then there was the day you first got very sick...the day the mechanic accidently cracked your water casing without knowing it and your lovely little engine over heated on my wedding day, almost a year to the day that I had bought you. You never fully recovered until eventually your beautiful shiny engine became clogged and we were forced to replace haven't been the same since.

So little car at this point in our lives we must go our seperate ways. You will spend some time in the car yard next door until someone after a fancy little car snaps you up. Hopefully your exhaust pipe remains attached for them....I thank you so much for your service and the good times we have had. I wish you all the best and you will never be forgotten....

Goodbye little car, my Getz that gets you places

Chloes first car ride

Elyssas first car ride

Chloe using her hat as a blankie when we forgot it one day


Chloe in her Dora seat

Elyssa, 6 months

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  1. Isn't it funny how inanimate objects can hold so many stories, memories and emotions for us? I had a car that I bonded with particularly closely, and I dearly loved its little [and big] problems because they were a part of the package. My poor car died eventually, and the day the wreckers came and took it away was very sad. I wrote an obituary for it on my blog [way back in the days when everyone said "whats a blog?"] and gave it a page in my memory book too. Whenever I see a 1978-1979 Mazda 323 I give a little sigh, and tell whoever is around me that I miss my old car.