Sunday, April 25, 2010

Easter 2010

We started a new Easter tradition last year with some friends of ours. We decided that as Christmas is a really extended family driven holiday, Easter was going to be more about our family and catching up with friends. So Nell, Glenn and Brenda came down on Easter Sunday for lots of yummy food and drinks. They all stayed the night so that we could enjpy all of the left overs the next day. Chloe loves it when the gang comes and couldn't wait. We made chocolates and Easter Egg biscuits (arrowroot biscuits, iced with melted chocolate, then decorated with sprinkles) while we waited for them all to arrive.

Chloe and Elyssa waiting for the gang to arrive

When everyone arrived the food fest began. Brenda made awesome shortbread biscuits and other treats, Nell made an incredible Easter cake shaped like a basket and Ben cooked up a beautiful Roast Pork. Nell also made some champagne punch. The night included a trip to Emergency because Elyssa had Croup but other than that we had a great time. We played the Wii and had lots of chats and listened to music. The next morning Ben made a Mexican breakfast feast that was to die for. Lots of food was eaten, punch drank and we all had a fab time. We can't wait for the next gathering!

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