Friday, October 8, 2010

Adjustable Summer Enid Hat

I love the whole process of drawing up patterns and making adjustments so that you end up with an item that you really love. This is why I have become fascinated with Enid Gilchrist and her pattern books. I recently went looking on Ebay and purchased a few very old Enid pattern books and I was itching to try them out. Spring has also arrived here in Camperdown (finally!!) and the girls both need a new sun hat so I decided to give one of Enids sunhats a go, with quite a few alterations to suit the current times and current materials.

I used this book. How adorable is it! It has newspaper cuttings in it from 1968

I chose this adjustable Sun Hat pattern because it will fit both girls

I made quite a few changes though. I used interfacing instead of the reommended Canvas and I lined it, although I didn't have anough of the butterfly material so had to pick another colour from the stash. I widened the brim considerably to provide more sun cover, I changed the way Enid suggested sewing a fold for the ribbon to go through and I used sew on velcro rather than metal hooks to help make it fit better. So, a 2010 version!

Overall I am really happy with it. It is really adjustable, fits well and doesn't come off unless little hands give it a pull. Next time I will use a stiffer interfacing and make the whole thing slightly larger to get even more wear out of it. I love that it fits both my girls.

Elyssa is getting the most use out of it at the moment so I think I will make another one for Chloe. It does look pretty cute on her too though. I love a hat with space for a pony tale!


  1. I love Enid's work. Her books can go for quite a lot of money these days - and tbh I think people are making a lot of money from making her designs. I have 4 or 5 of her kids boos - but I hadn't seen that Playtime one. Very jealous now :) The hat is def. a winner and it sounds liek teh velcro is a perfect adaption too. Beautiful!!

    Does E keep a hat on her head very well? I can't get Addie to for the life of me! She usually looks like that last photo trying to balance it on her head. Very funny but less than sun smart!

  2. what a great hat, I love that it has space for a pony tail too.

  3. Elyssa LOVES to wear a hat, its her latest game. She also loves shoes...

  4. I have this Enid mag too... and after seeing how amazing your bonnet/hat is I'm all inspired to get drafting.

    It is beautiful!