Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Wrap Around Ruffle Skirt

Last weekend I went to Port Fairy with some girl friends for the night. In the morning we did a bit of shopping and I came across a skirt I fell in love with at a little boutique. It was a long, purple, lined wrap around ruffle skirt. I loved it and was going to buy it but thought I could probably have a go at making one myself. When I was next at Spotlight I bought some pink material that looks a bit like cheese cloth. I chose it because it was really light whereas the one at the store had been quite heavy and I think it would have been too hot in summer.

Over the past week I have been running in and out of the sewing room making the skirt. If I had sat down and done it all in one go it would have taken about two hours but I just couldnt seem to string that much time together. Little Elyssa has turned from a placid baby into a full on toddler who is on the go so I dont have as much free time as I used to.

I love this skirt, it was easy enough to make, which is pretty good considering I was making it up as I went. It was just a bit boring doing all of the gathering. Im definitly going to make a few more though. Im also going to add a bit of trim or something to this skirt, I just have to find something I like in the exact same colour.

Im thinking of having a go at putting together a tutorial for this skirt. I have never done one before. Maybe Ill take some pics when I make the next one and go from there...


  1. Ooh good work- it's beautiful! I have been looking for a light floaty skirt for summer, maybe I'll have to make one myself!

  2. It was so easy to do and I really like it. If you twirl it spins out heaps lol but when you are standing still it looks so light.

  3. It looks lovely on you. Awesome job.