Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Day in the Life of....

I was thinking the other day how much my girls are growing and how easy it is to forget what life was like at different stages of their development so I have decided to start doing a blog entry every so often to describe what a day in our life looks like.

Today is a Wednesday so I am looking after Elyssa (11 months) Chloe (almost 4) and two daycare boys (brothers) who are 4 and 5.

The day began at 5am!!! because Chloe decided to get up and turn on the light in her room. This then woke up Elyssa. As annoying as it is it is cute listening to them play together over the monitor.

Bens alarm went at 6.30am so he got up, showered, went downstairs, got Chloe her milk and weetbix and Elyssa her morning bottle, unstacked the dishwasher then made me a cup of tea :) I then stumbled out of bed, get dressed and do my hair so I can get the cup of tea which he conveniently leaves on the bench for me so I have to get up to get it! As I wonder into the kitchen calling out good morning to the girls, Ben and I kiss and he is off to work.

I then put Elyssa in the playpen and put on the Today Show while I had my cuppa and checked my email and facebook etc. After 20 minutes I got up and gave Elyssa her corn puffs for breakfast. While she was eating I made and ate my weetbix, got our lunch out the freezer (pre made sandwiches) and put on a load of washing. I cleaned the kitchen from breakfast and loaded the dishwasher. Exciting stuff isnt it!

After the above I dressed the girls (Chloe does most of it herself) and put Elyssa down for a sleep (8am) I then turned off the TV, put on a nursery Ryhme CD and then waited for the boys to arrive! I always think there would be something comforting for kids in care coming into an environment with nice, predictable music playing!

When the boys arrived I put the washing in the dryer and ome on the clothes airer because it is really foggy and cold today. The kids played for an hour and then it was time for playgroup. I woke Elyssa up, dressed all the kids in there gorgeous winter gear and off we walked to playgroup.

After playgroup we had lunch (12pm) and Elyssa went down for another sleep and the kids watched the Little Mermaid on the couch while I sat with them on my computer, answering any of there questions about the movie. After the movie (2pm) I got out the puzzles and games box which entertained the kids for 30 minutes while I made Cauliflower soup with vegies we had picked the day before from our plot. Chloe washed up the veg for me. She loves that job.

I am now sitting at the computer typing this entry while th baby is playing with her toys, the boys are playing with the trainset while Chloe is playing with the Little People Dolls House. In a little while we will have afternoon tea then Chloe will get dressed for dancing. We will all go across to watch her dance class, then Elyssa will probably have another sleep (just a short one) the boys will get picked up, Ill go upstairs child free and run on the treadmill and Ben will play with Chloe. At 5pm Ben will get the rest of dinner ready, ill give the girls a bath and then we will convince Chloe to tidy up the toys, eat dinner, clean up after dinner,then stories milk and bed at 7pm. Ill then go and have a shower since Ill be all sweaty from my run and collapse on the couch and watch some TV or maybe sew if I have any energy.

So thats it! A day in the Life of us!