Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bibs Bibs Bibs!!!!

Im obsessed with bibs at the moment. My life currently revolves around them, choosing them, washing them, changing many bibs! I have at least 80 of them, probably more. Some I never use until the pile is low, some I use the minute they are clean, some I use for going out, some I use for staying in, some are small just to catch the dribbles, some are so huge that they get in the way when Elyssa tries to feed herself. Some are plastic backed, most arent. So what do I decided to do? Make more bibs!

Crazy, I know, but all these bibs are stressing me out because I never seem to be able to find a bib that will do everything I want. Last year I adapted a bib pattern to make some dribble bibs and Im still happy with these but now I want some bibs that will cope with the food onslaught. I am so sick of having to change Elyssas entire outfit because there is pumpkin all over it and Im also sick of seeing her covered in pumpkin when I don't bother changing the entire outfit!! I went looking on Etsy and and found some designs I liked but realistically I need at least nine, but probably twelve, of the things and at over $10 each thats just a bit crazy. So I decided to once again make my own! The beauty of this is that I can design the ultimate bib to suit a particular purpose.

I want a bib for each meal that covers Elyssa almost all over, is still a bit fitted so that it doesn't get in the way of her hands and food and that is easy to get on and I drafted a pattern that I think fits all of the above. I then made nine! They aren't all finished yet, I have to put either snaps or velcro on them all yet but I have completely finished one and this is it!

The Back

It Fits!

The Ultimate Test

It Works!

I made these bibs out of old towels and material from my stash. Im thinking of going all out and buying some bamboo terry and making some really good dribble/reflux bibs. See? Im obsessed. I think it comes with having a reflux baby. Chloe hardly ever wore a bib, she never even really dribbled. Little Elyssa always has something coming out of her! Next Im going to make some sleeve covers, probably like baby legs.


  1. looks great! unfortunately the ideal bib for Max would have to be a jump suit with a hood as he manages to get food all over his sleeves, pants and hair every meal!

  2. These are great!
    When are you going to open an etsy store :)