Monday, February 22, 2010

Hoodie dress out of fleece - Febuary Challenge -make something out of Knit

OK I think I just out did myself! Im very excited about this jumper dress I made for Chloe. I bought a recycled T-shirt hoodie pattern off Etsy and adapted it to make this fleecy hoodie dress for Winter. Its totally my own design, right down to the heart applique!! I haven't tried it on Chloe yet because she is asleep but I hope it looks good and fits her! Im going to make her some strippy leggings to wear with it. The best thing about this little project is that even my sewing is good! All my seams are really straight!!!!! After I make some leggings Im going to make Elyssa a little matching one. It will be a little bit different though but I think Ill put a heart on it too and make her some leggings out of the same material. Im very excited about this hoodie though, Ill post a pic of Chloe wearing it tomorrow. I really hope I like it on her!...It would be wrong to wake her up, wouldn't it.....

I have just edited this post to add that I have just discovered that this little number fits the bill for the 12 month sewing challenge (see button on side) I wasn't sure if fleece counted as a knit fabric or not and it does (silly me). I had been planning on making leggings for the girls, I bought some material from Spotlight and also found some at the local op shop, I bought a pattern off Etsy but alas it wasn't to be! The pattern appears to be a corrupt file and I can't get it to open. Im waiting to hear back from the seller...waiting and waiting and waiting.....

The next challenge is to make a Softie which should be good fun. I might make a giraffe or maybe a dog. Mum made one for Elyssa for Christmas and gave me the instructions. It depends on how much of a challenge I want!


  1. I love it!!! Can't wait to see a pic of her in it :)

  2. I love it Shell. I think I might need to put in an order for one :)

  3. Well done Shell, that's gorgeous.

  4. Nice job! You are very creative!