Saturday, February 13, 2010

My little garden patch!!

Well today I am very excited! I recieved a leaflet in the mail yesterday from our local community house saying they had garden plots available for people to rent for $10 a year. I rang first thing this morning because since moving into our new place I have started to miss having a backyard. We have a very small deck but thats it. I arranged to meet the couple that run the garden this afternoon and they showed me around. There were two plots available so I took both! A whole $20!! I can't wait to get started. There is a shed there that has all the gardening equipment and two big water tanks for watering. Chloe loved the garden too and Im also doing it for her. It gives us somewhere else to go each week and she can learn all about growing a vegie garden. Im going to take some of her gardening toys down there as well and leave them in a tub in the shed so that she can really be a part of it. Its also fenced in which I like because she can't get away when my back is turned!

The plots aren't huge but will do the job nicely. Each would be about 2m by 1m. There is already rhubarb growing in one plot along with potato. In the other plot there is capsicum growing. Im going to leave them all there so that Chloe can see some instant results. I think I am going to plant brocolli, cauliflower, french beans, spinach and leeks. I also have some tomato and strawberries growing on my deck so I might transplant them and see what happens!

So I am really excited and will blog about the entire project. I haven't taken pics yet but will next time I visit

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