Thursday, February 4, 2010

A week of firsts for my big girl

Wow, what a week! An emotional rollercoaster. This week Chloe has started Daycare, Three Year Old Kinder and Ballet Dancing. She has had a mixed response to it but I am just so proud of her. She is so confident it amazes me! At her first dancing class she ran straight into the room announcing that she had come to dance and when was it starting. She joined straight in with all the other kids as if she had been doing it for years. She kept up throughout the class and was really good at it! I had tears of pride in my eyes. I had been worried that she wouldn't have been able to stay still long enough to follow, plus she isn't very good at following directions, she prefers to do things her way but none of this happened. I couldn't have been happier for her. It was the same at Kinder. Parents had been asked to stay for a while until the kids were comfortable but Chloe walked in the door, turned around and said bye mummy, bye Elyssa, cuddle and a kiss...and she was gone! Off to meet new  friends and try out all the activities. I would have loved to have had her confidence when I was her age. I said to Ben if there was ever a sign that we are good parents that has to be it. All I want for her is to love herself and to believe completely in herself and she trully does. Then it all got a bit hard though....

I went to pick her up from Kinder and she came running over. Her bottom lip started to tremble and she tried to tell me a couple of things but she couldn't get the words out. Then her eyes filled with tears and my heart broke. I sat on the floor at the kinder and gave her a big cuddle, poor Elyssa was grumbling because she was squashed between us. The teacher was nearby and I told her she was crying and I asked her why. She said that chloe had a wonderful time and was so excited and that sometimes when kids get picked up they cry but im not so isn't really her personality to do that. Later on I had a chat to Chloe and she said she had bumped her head on the table and needed me but I wasn't there. I said she could tell the teacher but she said she didn't like her. Im always over anxious when leaving my kids and I know she is just getting used to something new but I just want to protect her from the big bad world. I hate to think the confidence we have built in her could be knocked down by outside people and situations but it will and she will grow stronger from it and learn....but its still hard...and its probably the first of many times when I am going to feel heartbroken for my little girl.

Tomorrow is Daycare, its her second session and Im nervous. I have told her that if she wants to come home she can tell the ladies and they will call but as usual she is ultra confident and says no, she would like to stay at daycare all day so i will follow her lead.


  1. Wow - a lot happening this week! So much processing going on. My son started 3+ kindy yesterday morning and has his second session tomorrow. He was excited at the beginning too but unsure at the end. Still he is looking forward to tomorrow... so we'll see.

  2. Shell, that does sound like a rollercoaster - you must have felt so torn when Chloe was crying and saying she didn't like the teacher. Kids are very immediate tho, so probably she did mainly have a good day. But I can see how you would be anxious not to have that wonderful self assurance Chloe has dented. hopefully the teacher might listen to your worries and help Chloe get more comfortable with her. I do think you guys do an awsome job :) Good luck all for Daycare ! xxx