Thursday, November 4, 2010

Chloes New Party Dress

Chloe has out grown her favourite red party dress. I am going to miss it because it is just gorgeous. The best part about having another girl though is that it will get worn again in a couple of years. I bought some fabric from Crafty Mammas recently and decided it would make the perfect party dress. I just needed to find a pattern. I came across this tutorial over at From an Igloo and decided it would be perfect. A little bit special with a big skirt for lots of twirl.

I was also up for a bit of a challenge with this project and liked that the tutorial included shirring, which I had never done before. It also had a button hole in the back, which is never easy..

She NEVER stands still

Check out the Shirring :) it was really easy

Overall it turned out really well, in fact better than I expected. It was a good use of some special fabric and I like that the dress should fit for at least a couple of years. It has a big hem on it and the shirring makes it a bit stretchy so there is room to grow. It has long straps too so it can grow with her.

Robot dancing

The hard part is convincing her to take the 'special' dress off. She was so excited when she first saw it she went and gave it a hug and a kiss!


  1. What a lovely blog ! Gorgeous photo's !
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    Its about simple living !

  2. Shell it is lovely - Happy Birthday to your little miss

  3. Believe it or not, our 3 year olds share the same name. I love the fabric you used and great job on the buttonhole (I didn't do one on mine). Yes, it's hard to take it off them, my girl wants to wear it all the time when it's not in the wash. Time to make another dress I guess.