Sunday, December 26, 2010


We have had a blast this festive season and it isn't over yet! I thought I had better get it all down before the little details start to fade in my memory. I am loving my new DSLR though and I have captured most of it in photos. Our festivities began early December with lots of break ups. So many that we didnt attend everything. In the space of a week we had three different break ups at the Cobden miniature trains, which is a great place for a function but I have to say that by the end of that week I was very much over travelling around that track with my legs squished in, constantly reminding the kids to sit down. It is good fun though and we are heading there again on New Years Eve.

Playgroup breakup

Kinder Breakup

We have also been to a couple of Christmas parties hosted by friends which was really lovely for us. This is our second Christmas since we moved to Camperdown and this year we have really felt like we have been welcomed into the community. One of these parties was on Christmas Eve and it was alot of fun for the kids and adults.

Piniata Fun!

Waiting for Presents

We also fitted in a few other Christmas traditions including looking at Christmas lights when ever we had the opportunity. Mid December we had a trip to Geelong so we stayed until dark and then went on the usual Christmas lights search. We also looked at Christmas lights locally after the Christmas Eve party. Last week we went to Warrnambool for Carols by Candle light and it was fantastic. Both girls had alot of fun and they did a good job entertaining everyone around them as well. Ben had a nice time but was a bit too merry as he had been to his work Christmas breakup earlier in the day. I couldn't get a sensible sentence out of him and the carols weren't as funny as he seemed to think they were....We searched for Christmas lights on the way home. It is noce having Chloe that little bit older this year, every other year she hasn't been old enough to enjoy things like the lights and the carols because she was too little to stay awake.

Having a dance out the front

I didn't get an opportunity to do cards and arts and crafts like I usually do with Chloe though, I haven't been feeling the best and didnt have as much energy as I usually have this time of year. She did do a bit of baking with Ben and myself though and she made some chocolates all by herself. She put some of these out for Santa. Chloe also did lots of Christmas crafts and activities at Daycare and Kinder so she really didn't miss out. Two good ideas that came home was a plate for Santa which we put his food on and also a reindeer food package, which was oats and glitter. It had a note on it that said to sprinkle it on the lawn on Christmas Eve so the reindeers know where to land. We did this at about ten at night.

Reindeer Food
Chocolates, milk and a carrot for Santa and his Reindeer

A couple of days before Christmas we had our friends from Melbourne come down to our place for a Christmas dinner party. We all get really into it and basically do a traditional Christmas dinner with heaps of food and treats. We cooked a huge turkey and served it with ham, cranberry sauce and lots of roast veg. Brenda made an awesome pavlova and Nell supplied the yummiest nibbles. We exchanged gifts and played monopoly until late. Good fun!

Christmas Day started at about 6.30. Chloe got up and came running into our bedroom to say Santa had filled her sack at the bottom of her bed. She then came running in and out with all the different things Santa had left her. We could then hear her going through Elyssas sack and showing her everything she had gotten while Elyssa looked over the edge of her cot. When I went into the bedroom to get them there were things everywhere! Very cute.

After the Santa sacks we all went downstairs and Ben made butter milk pancakes while the girls explored the presents under the tree. They weren't allowed to open any until after breakfast which just about killed Chloe, she was so beside herself she couldn't even finish one pancake! Elyssa kept running off with the presents.

Elyssa running off with a Christmas present

Ben cooking the pancakes
 After breakfast we opened the presents very slowly, one at a time. It was lovely. The girls loved everything they recieved. Chloes big present was a Cabbage Patch Doll, like one I had when I was little. She gasped with excitment when she saw it. Elyssa also got a baby doll, a newborn baby born which she has really taken too. They also got a toy wooden high chair to share, a box of play food and some homemade dolls clothes I got at the market. Chloe also got a Recorder and a Jack in the Box which she has wanted for AGES! I had to search to find one. Elyssa got a couple of other toddler toys but of all the things she got her favourite wasn't even a Christmas present! A friend gave us some toys the day before that her kids had grown out of, one was a pull along barking dog. Elyssa hasn't stopped pulling it around. The girls were so tired after opening the presents and the late night that they both went back to bed at ten in the morning. Ben and I had a really relaxing morning cooking the Chritmas lunch and tidying while listening to music.

Present time!

Chloes new pettiskirt
 This year was our turn with Bens family so Bens mum and his brother arrived just in time for lunch. We ate Turkey, Ham, Pork and roast Vegies. We had dessert alot later in the day because we were so full. Belinda had made a plum pudding with brandy cream sauce which was really yum. For dinner we had salad and Garlic prawns.
In the evening once the girls were in bed we played Monopoly which I won. Go me! It was alot of fun. Boxing day started with a cooked breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon, followed by more pancakes. Uncle Nic and Chloe played the Wii, then we had a monopoly rematch which Nic one. I went down badly this time! After leftovers for lunch Nic and Belinda headed off home and we went for a walk to the park. Chloe pushed her pram with her new doll in it. It was very cute. She pushed it in the swing at the park. When we got back Elyssa had a sleep and Chloe and I got crafty. Her recorder came with some paints so she got busy decorating.

Tomorrow we are continuing the festivities and heading off to mum and dads for a few days. Chloe is very excited although she is already complaining about the drive and we haven't even left yet! Overall Christmas day was really relaxing, the girls were great as was the company. This really is my favourite time of the year.


  1. Sounds so busy but lovely!! I love how the toddlers love newborn dolls - but Addie is freaked out by the real thing, lol!! Sorry to hear you've been tired etc - I hope that whatever ails you resolves itself quickly.

  2. what a lovely post sounds like you had such a wonderful Christmas time. I love that dress with the hearts on it, did you make it? Wishing you all the best for 2011.

    xx Clo

  3. Thanks for the comments. We did have a lovely time. I would love to take credit for the heart dress but it was my mum that made it. She taught me how to sew. Don't worry Tab, nothing serious wrong, Ill be doing a post about it in the next few weeks