Sunday, June 20, 2010

Knitting Booties!

I have been a bit obsessed by Elyssas footwear lately. I went to a craft market in Port Fairy and fell in love with a pair of Mary Jane Booties. They were $12 a pair and I didnt have the cash to spend so I decided to give making a pair a go. I decided to try knitting. I have tried knitting many times and I hate it! I find it frusterating and slow but for some reason I keep coming back to it, year after year. I found a pattern in a book I had lying around that showed you how to make a pair of T-bar booties. I had some pink/red wool so I gave it a go. I was very impressed with the first one I made, it was the best knitting I had  ever done. Then I realised I still needed to make another one! I have no idea why but for some reason the other one came out double the size! When I sewed them up I tried to make them as close to the same size as I could. Excuse the quality of my photos. My iphone didnt do a very good job, particularly of the colour.

So after having some success (although not alot!) with my first attempt I decided to give these ones a go and I love them! I still have to get buttons for them but this has inspired me to keep knitting

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  1. Oh - what a brilliant effort. I love both pairs - but yes - the pink ones are something special. Delightful!