Monday, June 21, 2010

Sucky Thumb Baby Mitts

I bought Chloe a really cute pair of fingerless gloves at the Port Fairy craft market. She is getting quite a bit of use out of them because it is FREEZING at the moment! This is one cold wintery town! I bought a pair for myself at the local chemist that were on sale as well. We were out walking the other day, Chloe, Elyssa and myself all rugged up and Chloe and I with our gloves on. I was so greatful for my warm hands when I looked down at poor little Elyssa in the pram and saw her little purple fingers. I went searching for a fingerless glove pattern for babies. I needed to make her a pair that at least had a spot for her thumb to stick out so that she could suck it when she want to sleep in the pram. I found this free pattern for Sucky Thumb Mitts. I had some wool in the stash so got to work. I had heaps of trouble getting started as I usually do when it comes to knitting. I couldnt quite get the knit one, purl one system going. In the end I settled for Moss stitch in place of the ribbed stitch and overall I am pretty happy with them. I spent about three hours on the first glove lol and only an hour on the second one! The gloves are a good fit and I think they might even last through next winter as well. They also match her hat. It was a nice way to spend the afternoon as both the girls are sick and looking for constant cuddles so they could lie around me whenever they wanted and I just sat on the couch knitting! Im thinking of knitting her some leg warmers next so that if she has tights on I can pull them out of my bag and put them over the top.


  1. That is awesome. Addie always has purple hands, but she needs her fingers free to explore and I wasn't sure what to do about it. Those gloves look like the perfect solution

  2. They were super easy although mine dont really look like the ones in the picture on the pattern lol! Not quite sure where I went wrong. Im definitly not a knitter!