Saturday, December 19, 2009

Notebook Covers

I made these notebooks as presents for people for Christmas. I used this tutorial. For some reason I really struggled to make these. I think I thought that they were so easy that I kept rushing the important steps like measuring and cutting out the fabric. So everytime I thought I was finished I would discover that the inside pocket was upside down on one side (I ended up making them all without pockets lol) or it was either to small or to big for the cover! I like how they turned out in the end and the tutorial is great, I just don't have any patience!


  1. Ah! These look so groovey! An easy way to make an impressive prezzie. It would also work really well on those baby health books we get from the hospital to record all of baby's stuff in. My mind is filling with a ton of great ways to use this :)

  2. I like that idea! Never thought of jazzing those books up. Although I need a break from these for a while...It was so frusterating!!

  3. When I was born the books were teeny tiny, but mine has a plasticy/cardboard/pretty paper/crochet cover on it that someone made. It wasn't mum, but I dont know who did. Its always been a bit "special" because of the cover. Its now also cool to know what I was like as an infant and compare it to my daughter :)