Monday, December 21, 2009

Itching to do some stitching!

Well today I had so much to do as we are heading to Mum and Dads for Chritmas and are leaving here on Wednesday. So what do I do? I sew! I was totally overcome with the need to create! As we are catching the train to mum and dads and its going to be a hot day I decided that Chloe needed a new summery, girly top to wear. I have had this yellow cherry print material in my stash for a while and have been wanting to use it for weeks but wouldn't let myslef until I had finished all the Christmas presents. I found a pattern in my stash that I picked up cheap at Spotlight a while ago and decided to have a go! I have wanted to make a bodice for a while and now that I have a pattern for it I can make heaps of different dresses and tops.
I love how it came out and it wasn't too difficult. I do need to adjust the straps though and move them in on the back as they keep falling off chloes shoulders. I also love my little model, as soon as I said stay still so I can take a pic she started wiggling all over the place! I got heaps of cute photos though!


  1. Could you try crossing the straps at the back, that might get them to stay put. Cute top.

  2. Good idea! I will cross them. They are long enough to do it and it would definitly stay on better. Thanks.