Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Yes, I have been really looking forward to doing some 'fun' sewing, like more kids clothes and some PJs and a skirt for me but first I have to get some less fun tasks out the way. I was at mum and dads on the weekend and raided mums pattern stash. She has quite alot of patterns for kids clothing that she has been using to make clothes for Chloe since she was born. Now that I have got back into sewing she is letting me borrow them. I decided to trace them all so I could add them to my own stash. My ultimate plan is to design my own clothes so by getting lots of different patterns for different styles Ill be able to start adapting them. So I bought some tracing paper from Spotlight and got started last night. It is very time consuming and not overly rewarding but it must be done! Its hard because you get all of these ideas while you are doing it but you can't do it yet because you need to finish the job in front of you.

The other boring job that has to be completed is making absorbent pads for the pocket nappies I bought off ebay. The ones that came with the nappies are terrible so I decided to make my own out of bamboo fleece. The material was $18 a meter. I was able to cut out 12 boosters from it. The question is what next? I could fold the material up and zig zag all around to make booster pads or I could leave it as a rectangle and just fold it up to use it. Im thinking I would probably have to zig zag around the edges but I don't want to waste time doing it if it isn't necessary.

Im impressed with myself for doing this because the nappies without the stuffers are really quite good and were really cheap. I figured out each nappy with the new booster I am making cost me $6.50 all up. I think they are very similar to my peapods which cost me around $20 each but even better because they fit from birth to toilet training whereas peapods are sized. If I was to do it all again I would just buy the covers. I noticed the seller had a message saying she would be prepared to do that. I also noticed today that the seller threw in an extra few nappies at no extra cost. Gotta love that!

Nothing will ever compare with my Pop-Ins though, they were worth the extra money.

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