Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Summer Holidays!!

I love summer and January is my absolute favourite month. I fill it with mini trips away to visit friends and family, trips to the pool and beach and a family holiday down at Cape Patterson in my folks holiday house.

Christmas was spent at The Basin. It was Elyssa's first Chrismas and the first one Chloe really understood so it was so much fun. It was also my nephew Maxs first Christmas, he turned one at the start of January. The best part of Christmas for me was giving everyone the presents I had made. Its interesting to see peoples reactions. Some people are so thrilled that you have made something for them with your own hands, others try to hide their dissapointment. Most were thrilled or not fussed. I wasn't dissapointed by peoples reactions because I see it as there issue. The world has become so materialistic and the things I made would sell for the same cost as the things they probably wanted from the big shops as alot of time, thought and love goes into them. On the other side of it is the delight others have at what you make which inspires you to continue on the creative path.

New Years was very wet so very quiet but we did go for a fun swim in Warrnambool for the afternoon. Chloe still talks about it now so I know she had a great time. Then last week I drove Chloe, Elyssa and myself to mum and dads for a week of fun and relaxation. I caught up with my besties, did alot of shopping and played in the pool and backyard with the girls. Chloe loves going to Nan and Poppas so she had a great time. For the first time she showed signs of baby jealousy though. Sometimes she looked so sad which broke my heart. It must be hard getting used to a new sister.

Elyssa has changed heaps. She is sleeping really well and has started sitting. Loves to stand or lay on her back and butt scuttle around. She is full of smiles, laughs and noises and has started solids which has taken me off guard. I thought I would start slowly but she has other ideas. If Im eating I have to hide in the kitchen or she gets really cross.

Im only half way through january and half way through the fun. I still have a trip to Geelong to catch up with friends planned and a trip away with Ben and the girls to the beach for a week.

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