Thursday, January 21, 2010

More Patterns!!

After writing my sewing list yesterday my mother in law came down for a visit with a big tub of the patterns she used to use for making her kids clothes. My favourite was definitly an Enid Gilchrist sewing book, probably from about the 1950's. I was so excited that despite having a headache and it being ten o'clock I got drafting! I decided to do a bib first so it would be quick. I chose a design with a tie under the arm as well as around the neck. The best part about it all was then being able to alter the pattern to your own design as your were drawing it up. I made it a bit smaller and would probably make it even smaller still. I also made mine so the ties meet the top ties so you only have to tie it once. I didn't have any bias binding so I made mine with two layers, I used an old table cloth for the absorbant side and a nice print for the back. I made the ties out of the print as well. At the end I decided the front was boring so I put a square applique on which is probably going to end up stained with pumpkin but thats ok with me! Overall it was a good first try and filled in an hour!

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  1. Very Nice Shell. You are a very clever mummy