Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Got my sewjo back!!

Well I have had a break for a week from sewing. As part of the 12month sewing challenge I am attempting to make myself a skirt. I paid a small fortune for the material I loved at spotlight and made a pattern from a skirt I love to wear, basically a three tierd skirt like I made for Chloe for chritmas except it is lined. I spent an entire evening on it....and I hate it! My lovely material in this style looks like a grandma skirt. Great material, great skirt just not great together!! I think if I modify it a bit and make it shorter and maybe take the lining out it will be alot better...maybe...

so I lost my sewjo. I sew in my bedroom and it is hanging over the chair staring at me everytime I walk in. I still love the material though so its worth trying to get it right...hopefully before the end of summer!!

Then last night I joined the forum nappyadicts and came across a link in the sewing section which lead me to another link and another link, then I found two patterns on Etsy that I am really keen to try. I bought them both and they are in my inbox waiting for me to get a spare minute... One is a pop-on pinafore and the other is a playmat that turns into a toybag. I also found a free tutorial for a carseat cover that I am definilty going to make today or tomorrow.

Unfortunately though I am off to the doc with ANOTHER sinus infection. About 6 in the last 12 months. So I might wait until my head doesn't feel like a brick!!

I also need to make another backpack for my nephew for his birthday. Its my first boy one. I found some great shark print material at spotlight and in the bargain offcuts bin a piece of heavy blue material so I will make it out of that.

Im also really excited about a list of 100 free tutorials that I came across via nappycino...

Im so excited by all of the above (except my skirt!) that I don't know what to do first...

Here is my list:
1. car seat cover
2. Pinafore
3. More babyleggings for a friend....
4. Skirt eeeek!!
5. Backpack
6. Playmat/bag
7. A toy dog for both my girls - mum gave me a pattern from the paper
8. Oh and many things from all the patterns mum let me borrow. I probably need to start thinking about Autumn/winter clothing for Chloe. Mum gave me a great pants pattern.
9. and all the free tutorial stuff!
10. Plus I want an apron...if I can't get the skirt right it might become an apron!!

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  1. now you've got me wanting to sew!! (and good to see you know etsy already :)